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by Royal on Jan 7, 2022
Fix my invisible dog fence.
by Rachel on Jan 6, 2022
excellent tool, work great.
by John on Jan 4, 2022
This is a powerful device, and with some practice, you could probably trace any line and easily locate the exact spot to dig.
by Barr on Dec 29, 2021
By adjusting the power output of the transmitter they could follow the wire underground and get a good idea of where the break is because the noise would fade out.
by Josh on Dec 23, 2021
I'm sure this isn't as good as the high dollar ones that electricians use, but it works pretty darn well for the money.
by Madeleine on Dec 22, 2021
Very useful in locating sprinkler system wiring and value boxes.
by Mr.Giga on Dec 21, 2021
Definitely works to detect breaks with any hidden dog fence and even worked to help me find a partial break.
by Roy on Dec 20, 2021
excellent device for detecting a break in dogs invisible fence
by Mr.Jackson on Dec 19, 2021
great tool at a reasonable price
by Mr.lambert on Dec 16, 2021
It worked better then I thought
by Howard on Dec 15, 2021
This device was absolutely simple to use. When I received an unboxed the device and installed the batteries It was ready to go.
by Mr.Joy on Dec 14, 2021
Oh my gosh this tester is amazing!! Took a while to find the break because our yard is pretty big, but it worked perfectly!! No more paying Invisable Fence to come find wire issues with my dog fence anymore. So easy to use even I figured it out!
by Mr.Agor Mali on Dec 13, 2021
I purchased this to trace a broken underground wire for my robot lawn mower. It worked perfectly! I was just a couple inches away from the break with this and it’s super easy to use.
by Mr.Gord Tenhage on Jun 3, 2021
I ordered this product a month ago and it still hasn't arrived. The tracking information is in Chinese and I'm still not sure if it's ever coming. They took the money right away and I can't see how it can take a month to arrive. Hopefully it still comes but don't expect this product to arrive quickly as the tracking information provided is terrible. My expectations were much higher than this.
by Mr.Ian Gardner on Jun 21, 2020
Brilliant for finding breaks in robot mower cable. See
by Mr.Brian on May 29, 2019
Purchased the unit - with some apprehension due to prior feedback reviews. First off - the instruction manual is VERY SMALL and the instructions are written for an electrician, ie - they are NOT easy to follow. In my opinion, since most buyers are trying to find an underground invisible fence line - you would think that the instructions would be better written to review how to use it for the top 1-2 brands; such as for tracking a broken line for the INVISIBLE FENCE or PETSAFE brands. This shouldn't be complicated and I agree that a quick and easy video on YouTube would be helpful. The one that covered it the best - - has a cheesy music background that is clearly too loud to even effectively follow the instructions.

I'm going to give it a try tomorrow....and will advise if it works.
by Roger Leigh on Oct 8, 2018
Purchased unit, followed directions, does not work. Rip off.
by Mr.Gabi Catalin Rusnacu on Mar 6, 2018
has a bit of a learning curve, but does work rather nicely most of the time.
by Mr.dan miller on Mar 6, 2018
worked perfect what a help
by Emil Ripa on Mar 6, 2018
When I found out that the electronic underground fence was broken, I called a couple of the installers to get a price on repair. Because of all the snow that we accumulated and the zero degree temps, the price for repair was going to be about $160 to $170 if they can find the break within 30 minutes. I decided to purchase the Kolsol F02 Wire Locator. After receiving the unit, I followed the directions and found the break in an area where it's not traveled (way back in the woods). I dug up the two ends of the broken wire, repaired it and saved over $120, and I still have the unit. Worked out great.
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