KOLSOL F02 Underground Cable Locator, Wire Tracer with Earphone, Cable Tester for Dog Fence Cables Irrigation Control Wires

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Product Description

  1. Product Introduction:
  2. The KOLSOL F02 underground wire locator is designed to locate the path of non-energized wires behind walls and underground. Moreover, it is also capable of locating a specific circuit breaker, pinpointing wires before drilling and verifying dig sites underground.
  3. Main Features of KOLSOL F02:
  5. 【Time and Money Saver】Helpful-Locating & tracking buried and hidden wires.No more calls,no more cost, find and fix it by yourself.
  6. 【Where You Can Locate】Locate-Determining Which Receptacles are on specific circuits,track-Pinpointing Drill Sites before drilling.
  7. 【Range of Parameters】Wire tracer range-Up to 2-3 feet deep and 1000 feet in length.
  8. 【Earphone & Tips】Get a free Earphone with package. Tips: Do not use on live circuits to avoid damaging the tester! This device is mainly to locate non-energized cable, or low-voltage situation less than 24V.
  9. Main Functions of KOLSOL F02:
  11. Locating & tracking buried and hidden wires and other hidden-wires.
  12. Up to 3 feet depth and 1000 feet in length
  13. Determining which receptacles are on specific circuits
  14. Pinpointing drill sites before drilling
  15. White LED flash light and earphone
  17. How to Use KOLSOL F02
  18. Easily Locate Pet Fence Wires, Metal Wires, Metal Pipes, Electrical Wires, ect ( only for single-strand wire, or double-strand wire in parallel, not for multistrand wire!!!)
  19. F02 Transmitter specifications:
  21. Tone frequency:200kHz
  22. The Max length distance:1000 feet
  23. The Max depth distance:3 feet
  24. The Max. working current:Less than 70mA
  25. Tone mode:1 Tone
  26. Max. signal voltage:15Vp-p
  27. Signal display:Signal tone, Antenna
  28. Voltage protection:AC 60V/DC 42V
  29. Battery type:DC9.0V(NEDA 1604/6F22) x 1pc
  30. Dimensions (LxWxD):49 x 135 x 33mm
  32. F02 Receiver specifications:
  34. Frequency:200kHz
  35. The Max. working current:Less than 70mA
  36. Earphone jack:1
  37. Battery type:DC9.0V(NEDA 1604/6F22) x 1pc
  38. Dimensions (LxWxD):43 x 168 x 27mm